with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Detroit’s People Mover Rail System, pt. 3

20160715_170859_Beaubien StreetJuly 15, 2016 – Taking the People Mover loop around downtown Detroit. We did the loop 1 1/2 times, and got our money’s worth out of it. LOL

I was struck by the contrast of the old church and the new casino building.

20160715_170856_Beaubien Street

20160715_170851_Brush Street

20160715_170849_Brush Street


20160715_170837_Michigan 3

20160715_170828_Gratiot AvenueWow! Cool old building!

20160715_170801_Farmer StreetNeat mosaics at Cadillac Center station.

20160715_170751_Farmer Street

20160715_170746_Farmer Street

20160715_170727_East Grand River Avenue

20160715_170713_John R Street

20160715_170709_John R Street


20160715_170703_John R Street

20160715_170620_Broadway Street

20160715_170615_Witherell Street

20160715_170558_Washington Boulevard


20160715_170527_Washington Boulevard

20160715_170517_Washington Boulevard

20160715_170453_Clifford Street

20160715_170444_Bagley Avenue

20160715_170427_Bagley AvenueNeat old architecture

IMG_1128Greektown and the casino district. This is where we got off.

20160715_170945_Beaubien Street

20160715_170924_Beaubien Street


20160715_170902_Beaubien Street

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