with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Detroit’s People Mover Rail System, pt. 2

July 15, 2016 – Part Two of our loop-and-a-half around Detroit’s People Mover mass transit system.

20160715_171541_Steve Yzerman DriveThe Detroit River and the Ambassador Bridge to Canada, above.

20160715_171512_Detroit RiverwalkThe Windsor, Ontario skyline, as seen from Detroit.

20160715_171508_Detroit RiverwalkThe Detroit River is the only river that has a zip code.
20160715_171455_Civic Center Drive
20160715_171451_Civic Center Drive

20160715_171444_West Jefferson AvenueGeneral Motors’ headquarters

20160715_171440_West Jefferson Avenue
20160715_171412_Griswold Street
20160715_171337_Woodward Avenue
20160715_171330_Woodward Avenue
20160715_171328_Woodward Avenue
20160715_171323_Larned StreetNone of the escalators for the people mover system worked. Not at any station. We decided they must be union, like most of Detroit, and were on strike.

20160715_171234_East Jefferson Avenue
20160715_171214_East Jefferson Avenue
20160715_171119_Beaubien Street
20160715_171117_Beaubien Street
20160715_171115_Beaubien Street
20160715_171110_Beaubien Street
20160715_171101_Beaubien StreetArchitectural gems are all around Detroit. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see them.
20160715_171053_Beaubien Street
20160715_171045_Beaubien Street
20160715_171034_Beaubien Street

20160715_171023_Beaubien StreetBricktown Station


20160715_170955_Beaubien Street

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