with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Detroit’s Architecture and Parks

20160715_185630_Woodward Avenue_HDR

This statue is a tribute to Joe Lewis, the boxer. Well, at any rate, it’s a monument to his arm and fist.

July 15, 2016 – After getting an overview of the city on the People Mover, we walked around downtown for a bit.

20160715_184847_Woodward Avenue_HDR

Beautiful Memorial Statue on Woodward Ave. Reminiscent of Chicago. Cadillac Square.

20160715_184816_Woodward Avenue_HDRMany of the downtown buildings I recognized from my childhood, when we used to take the bus in from the suburbs to shop downtown, but enough intersections had been revamped, parks added and removed, stores all different, that I found myself in a bewildering maze.

20160715_184626_Woodward Avenue_HDRSome of the old skyscrapers are absolutely beautiful, and we came upon “spontaneous artwork” in unexpected places. Lots of parks downtown, with lots of people enjoying them.

20160715_184523_Woodward Avenue_HDR

20160715_184507_Monroe Avenue_HDR

20160715_184210_Monroe Avenue_HDRBelow is a shot of some stores on Michigan Avenue took for Cheryl; it’s a place she called on when she was in sales. If you want a purple or green three-piece suit with matching shoes, this is the place to get it, she said.

20160715_184008_Michigan 3_HDR


20160715_174213_Monroe AvenueLarra, with the casino in the background.


20160715_173827This incredible building, which resembles a shopping mall, is actually a casino. Very, very cool architecture.

Cadillac Square in Detroit, 1916

Cadillac Square in Detroit, 1916

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