with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Detroit’s People Mover Rail System, pt. 1


Tim, Jim and Cheryl

July 15, 2016 – Today my sister Cheryl and her partner Tim took us to downtown Detroit. We rode the people mover, visited a magnificent casino, and went to a free rock concert on the riverfront, where we looked south across the Detroit River at Windsor, Ontario.


20160715_171544_Steve Yzerman DriveShots from the automated people mover rail system as we rode the loop around downtown Detroit.

20160715_185934_Detroit Windsor Tunnel_HDR


20160715_172632_Farmer StreetThe Detroit Public Library

20160715_172620_Farmer Street

20160715_172613_Farmer Street

20160715_172610_Farmer Street

20160715_172542_Broadway StreetBroadway Station

20160715_172537_Broadway Street

20160715_172522_Broadway Street

20160715_172512_Broadway Street

20160715_172429_Park AvenueGrand Circus Park station

20160715_172359_Bagley Avenue

20160715_172358_Bagley Avenue

20160715_172356_Bagley AvenueLarra and I were laughing because we’re used to seeing bilingual signs in English and Spanish or French, but this was the first time we saw signs in English and Arabic. Remember, this is Detroit, Michigan, USA. LOL

20160715_172323_Grand River AvenueTimes Square station. By this time Larra wasn’t sure if we were in Detroit or New York City – we were just at Broadway a few minutes earlier. LOL

20160715_172303_Grand River Avenue

20160715_172224_Park Place

20160715_172155_Cass Avenue

20160715_172139_Cass Avenue

20160715_172056_Cass Avenue

20160715_172034_Cass Avenue

20160715_172028_John C Lodge Freeway

20160715_172019_John C Lodge Freeway

20160715_171948_John C Lodge Freeway

20160715_171907_John C Lodge Freeway

What is this tube, and where does it lead to? Are we in a sci-fi movie?

20160715_171900_John C Lodge Freeway

20160715_171850_Steve Yzerman Drive

20160715_171843_Steve Yzerman DriveJoe Lewis Arena station

20160715_171606_Steve Yzerman Drive

20160715_171547_Steve Yzerman Drive20160715_191151_Atwater Street_HDRLooking south across the Detroit River at Windsor, Ontario

Woodward Avenue in Detroit, 1917

Woodward Avenue in Detroit, 1917

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