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Exploring Downtown Vancouver

20160913_155517Sept. 13, 2016 – Downtown Vancouver – First off, even though I’ve been around the world twice, I’ve NEVER seen seagulls as big as the ones in Vancouver.

Of course, this guy is hanging out at an outdoor restaurant, and is eating handouts all day long.

He’s bigger than a chicken – he’s the size of a young turkey. This guy is HUGE for a seagull. He stands over a foot tall, and his body is two feet long!

20160913_155512 20160913_150913

I like the big push me, pull you buses.
They remind me of my time in Boston.20160913_150327

Carnival Cruise lines at the Five Sails mall.20160913_145828

I like the contrast of the old and the new in Vancouver.20160913_155631 20160913_155605 20160913_223013The old Canadian Pacific train station.

img_0581 img_0580

The cruise ship leaving port, heading for Hawaii.img_0578 img_0576 img_0575

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