with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

An Afternoon at Crescent Beach, Surrey, BC

20160605_182824Sunday was ANOTHER beautiful day in Vancouver, with temperatures reaching 30 C (85 F). I was amused at how many people complained about the heat.

I also learned that Larra’s house, like most in Vancouver, have great furnaces but NO air conditioning! Latitude shock!

We went to Crescent Beach, BC, and had lunch with Larra’s Aunt and Uncle, Sylvia and Tom Moffatt. Fascinating people. Retired schoolteachers who’ve traveled all over the world.

20160605_201003_Maple St 20160605_183105_HDR 20160605_170204_HDR

Today on Maui sunrise was at 8:45 am and sunset’s at 10:04 pm.
Today in Surrey sunrise was at 5:09 am and sunset’s at 9:10 pm.


Follow-up Note: On Monday I sure saw a lot of sunburnt people.
They’re not used to having sun in Vancouver! 

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