with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Traveling in Synchronicity

zane4-sizedJim: Route 66 ran back into US-40 at Slegman, then we turned off onto AZ-64 at the Kabab National Forest, and headed up through Valle to Grand Canyon National Park.

All of this area is the Coconina Plateau, as you’ll see on the map, below. As we drove along I realized that the Zane Gray novel that I had picked at random, back at the Kihei Public Library, was set in this same Coconina Plateau, and Frazier Wells.

That’s a bit of synchronicity.

Larra: Another bit of synchronicity is the great music that Jim’s been playing. He bluetoothed his phone to the car, and he’s been playing great orchestral instrumentals for the past two days. The music has been perfect for the scenery.

I’ve never had a good vacation in my life. Every one was a disaster. But this trip with Jim that I manifested has been perfect – every day of it!

Post trip update: I enjoyed the Zane Gray book so much that when I got back to Maui I grabbed another one from the library shelf – they have 30 or 40 of his titles. Imagine my surprise when I got home and found that the book I had just picked out was the sequel to the one I’d read while we were in Arizona.

The things that Larra and I mutually manifest blow me away.


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