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Stalking My Stalker

12809716_251171285222496_3241441746204723321_nChecking out my Stalker

I finally realized today that I could go through Larraine’s photo albums on Facebook and learn more about her.

She didn’t share much. Below are all the photos I found of her.

I saw enough to know that she’s cute, and does Yoga. Works for me.

When I Googled her I found her address, and from that I found her property tax records, and the appraised value of her house. Well, well, well… she’s got money! LOL

Google Street View also let me check out her house, and even walk down the lane behind it. Now who’s the stalker? LOL

When we met I was surprised at her height. Somehow, I thought she was taller. Probably because she’s so skinny.

Yoga FB_IMG_1448591739740

Cat FB_IMG_1448591465862

Daughter FB_IMG_1448591293598

Statue FB_IMG_1448591277999

I know where she lives; near here.

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