with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Charlie the Shoplifter

FB_IMG_1465369904161Today we took Charlie to the pet food store in Cloverdale. I went out to the car, Larra was paying the bill, and Charlie took advantage of the unsupervised moment to help himself to a bully stick!

Sharon, the clerk, was nice enough to make Charlie a gift of it, instead of calling the RCMP (the Mounties), and turning Charlie in for shoplifting!




Larra with the staff – Jessica, Sharon, Robin and Axel. Trying to get this photo was like herding cats.

The headless girl, Jessica, is the groomer. Luckily I have another picture of her.

Back at home, after a clean getaway!

Back at home, enjoying his ill-gotten gains, after a clean getaway!


Downtown Cloverdale


The store:


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