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Changing the Trip Again

compassAug. 16, 2016 – We’re retired. We go where we want and do what we want, when we want. Plans are only guidelines and can be changed at any time. It’s the journey that’s important, not the destination.

SOOooooooo, we’re changing our travel plans again. We’re leaving the Florida and Florida Keys part of this adventure for another time, and we’re going to head back to Vancouver.

We’re taking the long route, as originally planned, via Yuma, Arizona and Los Algodones, Mexico, so I can get my temporary partial replaced with a permanent bridge, then it’ll be a scenic trip up through California and back to Larra’s place in Vancouver.

Here’s our backstory about Mexican dentistry:

For all my Florida friends that were looking forward to, or dreading, our visit, “We’ll catch you next time around.”

PS – No, nothing’s wrong. Larra’s just been away from home for too long – over two months – and is missing her dog, Charlie. But we still have a 4,000 mile road trip ahead of us, so stay tuned.

It’s a wonderful life!

August 17 –  I quit smoking 10 days ago. I haven’t been the easiest person to live with during this period of adjustment. Larra wanting to go home might be my fault.

I guess I got snarky.

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  1. Sandy Richter says:

    Awww ! Jim I thought you took Larra’s dogs with you? I can see why Larra wants to go home! I once went to Maui to stay with my husband and flew home after 2 weeks just to check on my 7 dogs in Michigan and then flew back! Women are a little nuts when it comes to our dogs! Next time take a motor home with Larra and the Fur kids!! Lara needs to know when she moves to Maui with her dogs they require a 6 month quarantine in Hawaii before your dogs can come over because Hawaii has never had a case of Rabies.. So they are very strict! So Jim get with it.. The Quarantine can take place right at home in Vancouver with a vets documentation… If you already know this ignore my note !

    • Jim Carey says:

      Actually, for Hawaii quarantine you can microchip your dog, get a rabies vaccination, file it with the Federal and Hawaii governments, and 6 months later you can just fly over with your dog. No more quarantine.

      Charlie, as a retired show dog, is already chipped.

      We left Charlie behind because Larra’s daughter wanted Charlie to be company for her dog, Charlotte, while they’re at work during the day. Otherwise, Charlie would be with us.

      Well, maybe. Larra also had concerns about Charlie in new environments, since he’s mostly blind.

      We’d love to have rented a motorcoach, but we don’t have the kind of money people assume we do. I have a Social Security check each month, Larra has an Old Age Pension check, and that’s what we live on and travel with. We’re traveling in a 10-year-old Toyota Corolla.

      Wealth is an attitude, not money. We’ve learned to make do with what we have, and thrive on very little.

      What we’d LIKE is a sponsor for our blog and travels! Help us manifest that????

    • Larraine says:

      Hi Sandy

      So you know exactly how I feel. I actually haven’t talked too much about the Char’s (Charlie & Charlotte) as I don’t want to get too emotional about them. They are both rescues – Charlie a Canadian Champion as a pup and then discarded when he didn’t grow tall enough for shows, Charlotte having been dumped in a field who understandably has a lot of separation anxiety. She can’t be left alone. We lost her partner Athena two years ago and now Charlie has kind of taken over.

      I would have loved to bring them but it would have been too stressful for Charlotte and with Charlie’s declining sight I forget that Charlie is blind because he does so well at home but take him out of his environment and he bangs into things.

      They are in good hands with my daughter and her husband plus Shannon comes and walks them every day.

      So because of their age and challenges I would not fly either of them anywhere. I already told Jim I can go anywhere in the States you can drive to. That was why we decided to take this trip but then we ended up not bringing them anyway.

      I could go on and on but that is the short story. LOL

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