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Cancer Tied to Cow, Soy & Rice Milks & Cheeses

by Dr. Flora van Orden III

Studies showed that casein, a protein in all milk products (and even used in many ‘soy’ and ‘rice’ cheeses) increased cancer 100% of the time when introduced at any stage of cancer development…. cancer growth could be reversed as well as expanded and contracted just by changing the amounts of animal protein consumed… no danger when plant proteins were eaten, even at higher percentages.

For the first 27 years of his career, Dr. Campbell’s [T. Colin Campbell, MD, PhD, The China Study] studies, exposing the deleterious health effects of meat and dairy foods, were funded largely by the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research. Campbell published in many of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals.

The U.S. healthcare system showed disinterest in his earth-shaking findings (does this remind you of what happened to Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, head of the Nobel Committee, who successfully went to China when no one would go to his press conferences in NY or DC hailing his success with cancer?), so Campbell pursued the Chinese government, together with Oxford University, and established further research that definitively exposed the catastrophic effects that meat and dairy foods have on human health globally.

Dr. Campbell’s work was published in 1990 in a scientific compilation named “China Study.” These profound findings jolted the world of nutritional science, yet due to the extensive influence of corporate interests in the media, this invaluable information never reached the general public; thus, little changed.

Moved by a desire to touch a suffering humanity with these simple yet revealing findings, Dr. Campbell, along with his son, Thomas, recently published a beautifully edited and easily understood book called The China Study, which shares the discoveries of nearly four decades. It will provide you with the necessary ‘scientific evidence’ that so many adversaries in medicine claim is missing from our advocacy of a plant-based diet.

Sick and Tired? Reclaim your Inner Terrain, p 92-94, Dr. Robert O. Young… 10. Avoid alcohol, 11. Avoid All Products Containing Caffeine, 12. Avoid Peanuts and Peanut Products (about 35 years ago, in Africa, clusters of patients presented an unusual type of liver cancer, and the numbers were very large. Investigation revealed a relationship to the consumption of peanuts.) 13. Avoid Corn and Corn Products. Like peanuts, corn is poisonous and carcinogenic. In our opinion, there is no specimen of corn free of mycotoxin. Researchers have reported the positive correlation of corn (and wheat flour) and death from esophageal cancer; corn, with gastric cancer. 15. Avoid Heated Oils at All Costs. 16. Avoid All Microwave Food. PERIOD. 17. Wheat grass is 25% protein. Has 100% more laetrile than sprouts… 23. Sweat Your Way to Radiant Health.

“The therapeutic value of regular sweating has become immense. It has benefits for both body and mind, and, in fact, is the primary reason for exercise.” After 30 minutes of sweating, large amounts of toxins, including toxic acids and heavy metals, are flushed from the body. Sweating inhibits the development of pleomorphic microforms and creates a “fever reaction” of rising temperatures that neutralizes them. Increases the number of leukocytes. Need to re-mineralize and re-trace-mineralize with rinsed dulse after sweating. Don’t block the fever/sweat by eating cooked food.

Peace and love,

— Dr. Flora van Orden III was Dr. Ann Wigmore’s assistant at Hippocrates Institute in Boston for over 22 years. Dr. Flora typed Dr. Ann’s books and papers, managed her schedule, taught child-birthing classes, and traveled with Dr. Ann on her world-wide lecture tours. Dr. Flora is now retired and living in Homestead, Florida.

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The China Study, Campbell

Sick and Tired? Reclaim your Inner Terrain, Young

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