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Buying Beer in Canada

beer_storeIn Canada you don’t pick up beer and wine at a drug store or local market. Today Larra took me to the government store that sells such.

I grabbed a six of Budweiser, and when we got to the checkout the clerk said, “That’ll be $11.27.”

I started, got banjo-eyed, looked at her and said, “Excuse me? That’s a six-pack, and you charged me for a twelve.”

She looked at her register and said, “Six Budweiser? Yes, that’s eleven twenty-seven with tax.”

“No, no, no, no, no. Even on Maui a twelve pack of Bud is $11.99, sometimes only $10.99. Back on the mainland, in Georgia, it was $9.99, and sometimes less than that. We’re on the mainland, and it’s supposed to be cheaper than Hawaii!”

By this time everybody at the front of the store was looking at me.

Larra tapped my shoulder and said, “Honey, remember I was surprised at how cheap wine was on Maui? Alcohol costs more here than it does in the States. Please excuse him, miss, he’s a Yank.”

Everybody in the store breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, and murmered knowingly to each other, “Oh, a Yank. Of course. That explains it.” No Canadian would ever be so outspoken in public.

Larra was laughing so hard I thought she’d hurt herself.

I need to get better at my reaction to unexpected culture shock. LOL

Earlier today we’d gone to the bank, and I loved it when they gave me $1.30 Canadian for every US dollar I traded them.

But even after that great rate of exchange, things are much more expensive here than in the States, even in Hawaii. A pack of cigarettes costs as much as that six-pack, at least here in British Columbia. Food, gasoline, housing, everything costs more here.

And I thought Hawaii was expensive!

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  1. […] When I got to Canada they gave me $1.35 CN for every $1 US I gave them. $500 US turns into $685 CN. Pretty cool. Until you go to buy anything. Then they charge you double of what stuff costs in the US.  [See Buying Beer in Canada] […]

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