with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Breakfast on the Ocean

5palms5Then we left for the restaurant.

We walked to Jim’s car and he opened the car door for me, leaving it ajar. I thought it odd that he did it that way, and he explained to me you should always leave the car door open for a woman in hot climates so she doesn’t get too hot in the car while he’s going around to his side.

He took me to the Five Palms Grill, a restaurant right on the beach. We sat in front and Jim asked me if I wanted a Mojito to start. “Sure,” I said. We viewed the menu and Jim ordered for both of us.

5palms7For some reason I was feeling quite nervous. Reality was setting in. Here I was, sitting at a beautiful place on Maui with the renowned Dr. Jim Carey. How cool is that? I’ve been following this man for ten years; I am now actually sitting and having breakfast with him on Maui. Yikes!!!


I’m very shy… Well, not really shy, I just don’t talk a lot. I was always told, “If you don’t have something worth saying, don’t say anything at all.”

Fortunately for me it didn’t matter that I was quiet, as Jim can talk up a storm and I’m a great listener. Not only can he talk, he educates. When Jim talks on a subject he knows why, when and how everything is. If he doesn’t, be sure that he will find out before the day is done.



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