with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Finding Love in a Blizzard – On Maui

Jim: One of the trips I like to take people on is to the top of Haleakala, the larger of the two inactive volcanoes on Maui.

Here are the sights you usually see.



But on the day we went, this is what upper Haleakala looked like:



And when we got to the top, it started snowing. Snowing so hard that we were in a whiteout, and visibility was reduced to 40 or 50 feet.

2015_02_01_64990Haleakala whiteout.

So this reduced me to, “Over here what you’re missing is the caldera of the volcano, which is the size of Manhattan Island. And over here are the observatories…” You get the idea. It was funny.

What wasn’t funny was that the temperature was freezing, the winds were howling at 70 mph, and the snow was coming down horizontally. Even with our “warm” clothes on, Larra and I were frozen in a matter of minutes. I hadn’t been that cold in a decade!

The best part of it is, I get to take Larra to the top of Haleakala again, some visit.

Larra: The day I fell in Love!  Up until this day Jim was always wearing sarongs, loincloths, and on occasion shorts and a shirt, when we were out and about. Not clothing this city girl is accustomed too. The day we went up Haleakala Jim wore jeans and a t-shirt. When we were halfway up he got cold and put on his  black jacket, and tied his hair back, with sunglasses on his head. OMG! I had to take a second look, then a third, a fourth… this guy is fucking HOT! Mr. Cool! I had to get a picture!


Jim: Did we go up the volcano and through the blizzard before or after the first time we went to Little Beach?

Larra: I know why you’re asking! LOL. Yes, my Haleakala comment!


I’m going to come clean. I hope I don’t regret telling you this. Emails can sometimes be misunderstood. So read between the lines. I love you so much!

When I arrived the first time I was disappointed to see you had gained so much weight. I know appearance shouldn’t affect how we feel about someone and obviously in the end it didn’t. I still fell in Love. When you put clothes on the weight gain wasn’t so visible. That’s why I wrote what I did. Was I in Lust or in Love before that? Probably in love but resisting it for some reason.  All I do know is I was attracted to you in so many ways.

The Law Of Attraction brought us together and I/we were meant to BE together!

Believe me, I had a lot going on in my head that I was fighting with. First of all, with my “goody two shoes” facade I didn’t want to be known as the Canadian that flew 2600 miles to fuck Jim Carey. I was resisting you the whole time but my body kept wanting you. Badly. Stupid morals. LOL.

I was and am mesmerized by you!

So that night when I said “I’ve got beer” I stopped fighting with myself, and as we both know we had an amazing night. The Law Of Attraction working at its best, and me following my bliss!

So my dear…..2600 miles couldn’t keep me away from you
…………………….you being poor couldn’t keep me away from you
…………………….how could weight gain stop me from loving you?

I Love you so very much!

imageIs the heater on? Is it on high? Damn, it’s cold!
This is the first time I ever shivered on Maui!
I thought I was going to freeze to death; Larra called it “brisk.”

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  1. Jim Carey says:

    Wow. My hair is a LOT longer now!

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