with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Photobombed in Birch Bay

20160602_163946_Birch Bay Dr_HDRLarra: After a day of shopping “over the line” (in the US), I took Jim out to dinner at the cottage community where my sister has a cabin, at Birch Bay, WA.

We went to Via Birch Bay Cafe and Bistro, where the veggie burger we shared was great, and Jim, of course, made friends with the staff.

There’s nothing like a waterfront watering hole!
20160602_163841_Birch Bay Dr_HDR20160602_164947_Birch Bay Dr_HDRWe were photobombed by Brandilyn Bell, the bartender.

20160602_172012_Birch Bay DrSteve, Larra, Jennifer, Jim and Brandilyn

20160602_163854_Birch Bay Dr_HDR
20160602_170621_Birch Bay Dr_HDR,_Washington


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