with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Bellaire, Michigan

July 19-21, 2016 – When we got back from Canada we headed up to the little finger region of Michigan, to a small town named Bellaire, near Traverse City.

Jim’s friend from Creative Health Institute, Paul Murray, has lived there for 24 years and raised his family there. The purpose of this meeting was to talk about how they could help CHI reopen and become successful again.

They also talked extensively about Paul’s concept of the Life House, a series of intentional communities based around the raw vegan lifestyle.

Paul has been a fan of Dr. Ann Wigmore for over 20 years, the raw vegan diet has changed his life, and it’s influence on his family has resulted in a very healthy, active crew.

The other purpose of the stop was to take a few days off from living on the road.

20160721_081303_Shanty Creek RoadWe were supposed to stay with Paul and his wife, but a couple of days before we got there his daughter came home early from England, and was occupying the room were were to stay in.

So we got a room at the Shanty Creek Resort, at Summit Village, in the Legend Cottage Inn. It was a lot fancier than what we’re used to, living on the road as we are, and we really enjoyed it.

Larra kidded me about first getting kicked out of CHI, and now we were kicked out of my CHI friend’s place. “The Universe is telling us something,” she said.

IMG_1176The local supermarket in Bellaire had these reminder lists on the shopping carts. Larra thought they were a really cool idea.



20160720_103543Larra slept a lot during the three days we were there.

20160720_090226_Shanty Creek Road_HDRWell-manicured throughout.

20160720_085941_Shanty Creek RoadThe hotel and restaurant. Great views.

20160720_085333_Shanty Creek Road_HDRView from the restaurant.

20160719_173510_Shanty Creek RoadI liked the details of the lodge. This stairway and porch railing are a good example.

20160719_173136_Shanty Creek RoadThe fountain in our front yard.

20160719_130012Neighboring farms and the Michigan countryside..


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