with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Surf Shack


The Surf Shack

Jim: I told Larra I was poor, but I don’t think she believed me.

She got in last night. Today she saw my Surf Shack under the Plumeria tree, where I stay when I’m here on Maui. NOW she believes!

Larra: Jim, when you told me it would be better if I came to Maui after the 27th of November because that is when you get paid, well, that was a big clue that you really were poor. My thoughts were, “Shit! why do I always pick the poor suckers?!” LOL

Jim: Hahahahahaha! But you came anyway! Perfect! I love it! 

Larra: Of course I came! I had to meet that man I had been dreaming about for ten years! There is no price on Love!

Larra: It’s a brand-new shed. Jim makes it sound like a tumble-down shack on the beach. It has a floor, doors, shutters, screens, a bunk bed on one side, and the rest of the back wall – three-fourths of the wall – is taken up by a television.

Did I say television? Huh! Jim’s got the kind of flat screen television you see in a pub, or Hudson Bay Company stores. It’s so big I had to swivel my head to see the whole screen.

Add in a recliner and footstool, underground electric, lights, pillows, fans, Internet, wi-fi… You get the idea.

It was the first time I saw a surfboard with Christmas lights. Jim claims he’s a surfer, but I’ve never seen him surf. He says it’s because his favorite board is holding up the ‘party lights’. I say they’re Christmas lights at Halloween. Borrow a board.

But the Surf Shack? It’s a man cave masquerading as a monastery.

And no, it’s not right on the beach. It’s 125, maybe 150 meters from the beach. Close enough to not matter.

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