with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Back in Surrey

September 3, 2016 – Well. After 73 days on the road, we’re back at Larra’s place, in Surrey, BC. It’s funny how everything seems strange and different after being gone for so long.

Photos taken from Larra’s back yard. LOL – Larra’s city block is about the size of the area from my cabin to the highway; the park across the street is about the size of my back yard at the cabin. I’m feeling a bit hemmed in…20160903_180738 20160904_164338 20160904_164347 20160904_164343 20160903_180832 20160903_182124 20160904_164351


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  1. Makawao Cowgirl says:

    Post Modern world????
    Nice digs…
    Congrats on the cigs!
    I am falling in love with Kanaio, at least the thought of it.
    Called on a rental, then backed out.
    Waiting for Creator to move me.

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