with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

At the Vet, North Vancouver


Larra and Charlie

Jim: Today Larra and I took Charlie to the vet in North Vancouver, at Mosquito Creek Veterinary Hospital.

I was wondering why we drove almost an hour, to the far side of Vancouver to get there, passing dozens of veterinary clinics along the way. Once we got there the reason was obvious.

Dr. Janice Crook, the vet, had the most pet-friendly practice I’ve ever seen. After asking permission, the receptionist called Charlie over and gave him a treat. He didn’t even realize that he was standing on a scale, built into the floor.

Once Charlie was weighed they showed us to an examination room, and I was invited to join them. In the examination room the 3 ft. x 3 ft. examination table was a comfortable couch only two ft. off the floor, with steps leading up to it.

After asking permission, Dr. Janice gave Charlie a couple of treats, pet him and loved him, and nonchalantly examined both of his ears with the otoscope. The rest of the exam was conducted the same way. The doc chatted with Larra about Charlie’s health, and the medical exam parts were discretely performed between lots of petting, rubbing and treats.

Because Larra and I are following a raw vegan diet, I was especially impressed that the vet verified that Charlie was still on a raw pet food diet, and that she’d prescribed it for him.

When Doc left the room for a few minutes, Charlie tried to follow her.

My dogs always hated going to the vet. I see now why Charlie looks forward to it, eagerly. I’ll let Larra tell the rest of the story.



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