with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Are You De-Calcifying Your Bones?

– by Dr. Flora van Orden III, PhD, Nutrition

The following will decalcify your bones: Wine, vinegar, coffee, alcohol, salt, and all citrus: lemon (especially in tea), orange, grapefruit, and other acid juices.


Dairy: The calcium in dairy foods comes in an unbalanced relationship with phosphorus, so much of it will be incompletely absorbed or incorrectly assimilated, and because of the dairy protein casomorphine (casein) being a trigger, causing certain cancers (breast, prostate and endometrial), diabetes, MS and heart disease, it is not recommended at all. Current nutritional thinking also suggests that the cavities found in the teeth of children who go to sleep with a bottle of milk occur because the lactose (milk sugar) is concentrated in the mouth, harboring tooth-attacking bacteria. In another study, it was found that vegetarians do indeed have a much lower incidence of osteoporosis than do meat eaters.

Concentrated Sugars: These create an acid reaction in the body, and acidity demineralizes the system; this occurs because when sugar is metabolized, it creates various organic acids. Sugar intake also alters the calcium-phosphorus ratio in the blood by causing the phosphorus level to drop. When not enough phosphorus is present, calcium cannot be absorbed by the body.

High Protein Foods: According to research done at the University of Wisconsin by Drs. Linkswiler and Lutz, a diet with a high protein content acidifies the blood as much as sugar does, and acidified blood will dissolve calcium from the bones. In one study conducted by Dr. Lutz, people on a diet that included 102 grams of protein (which is average) excreted almost twice as much calcium as those consuming only the RDA of 44 grams. Because the calcium intake of both groups was the same, the excreted calcium had apparently been removed from the bones. The researchers suggested lowering the intake of protein to prevent calcium loss.

Nightshades: This group includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, and tobacco. The alkaloids in these plants seem to affect the calcium balance in some way. One researcher has reported that cattle that graze on one variety of nightshades develop malformed skeletons and become unable to walk, grazing on their knees. Diets that include these foods invariably contain considerable quantities of milk and milk products: pizza, eggplant parmigiana, potatoes with sour cream, and so on. My theory is that the high amounts of calcium in the milk products are held in check by the nightshades, perhaps destroyed or used up, and so balance is maintained. In my own experience and that of some of my students, consuming nightshades on a dairy-free diet has resulted in a loss of calcium, evidenced by brittle nails, painful gums, and cavities. Eliminating the nightshades, rather than increasing the dairy, solves the problem. It is also interesting to note here the results of one study of osteoporosis sufferers: it was found that three quarters of them smoked between one and two packs of cigarettes daily. Tobacco, of course, is a nightshade.

Wine, Vinegar, and Citrus: Because of their natural acidity, these require the buffering action of calcium during metabolism and vegans will find them removing calcium from their teeth and bones. Again, wine, vinegar, or orange juice will decalcify us. Tea with lemon is a particularly corrosive drink; if it’s served in a styrofoam cup, it will eventually eat holes in it. Annmarie (who we have to give all credit to for her careful research on bone decalcification) Colbin’s  fingernails began to grow normally once she stopped drinking tea with lemon completely, and I and other researchers have found it to be true also.

Peace and love be with you,

“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

 [Dr. Flora van Orden, PhD Nutrition, is a friend of Jim’s and was one of his advisors during the years that he was a prominent raw vegan educator. While Jim and Flora don’t always see eye-to-eye, we still respect and consider Flora’s opinion.]

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