with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Beautiful Alouette Lake, BC

20160604_182609_HDRJim: Today was the nicest day I’ve seen yet in Vancouver. Saturday afternoon Larra and I went with her daughter, Michelle, and Michelle’s husband Jarrod to Golden Ears Provincial Park, about 45 minutes from Surrey. Temperatures in the 30’s C (80’s F), and not a cloud in the sky.

We walked along the river, down to North Beach on Alouette Lake. The mountains, the lake, the view was incredible. Some of the mountains still had snow on them. It was a great day trip.

Oh… this was the first time I saw sand on a “beach” in British Columbia! It was mixed with a lot of rocks, of course, but there was still sand.

20160604_192159_HDR 20160604_192126_HDR 20160604_190815 20160604_184336 20160604_184040_HDR 20160604_183059_5_bestshot

That’s me and Larra. Jarrod in the background; he’s the only one who went in the water, and that’s as far as he got. The lake was only a few degrees above freezing. 20160604_182826_HDR 20160604_182811_HDR 20160604_182745_HDR 20160604_182721_HDR

Michelle and Jarrod20160604_182658_HDR 20160604_182609_HDR 20160604_182604_HDR 20160604_181952 20160604_181901_HDR 20160604_181832_HDR 20160604_181757_HDR 20160604_181742_HDR

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