with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

A Note from Home

June 18, 2016 – We got a message from Shannon, our dog sitter, today:

“They’re both doing good. So my feelings were kinda hurt when my hubby came over yesterday & Charlie liked him more…lol.” 




Charlotte with her Summer “do”


Charlie’s favorite toy is the one Jim brought him from Maui


Charlie with Shannon’s husband

Larra: Wow!💞🐾 what a great picture!!!


20160611_095838_66 Ave_HDR

Shannon came by the day before we left. Charlie was glad to see her.

20160611_095850_66 Ave_HDR

Charlotte was glad to see her, too.

20160611_100242_66 Ave

Larra suggests we do a group shot before we leave on our big trip.

20160611_100339_66 Ave

The group shot was like herding cats

20160611_100346_66 Ave

This shot wasn’t bad, but Larra wanted something more formal.

20160611_100404_66 Ave

Hold still1

20160611_100518_66 Ave

Larra resorts to bribery

30 deleted photos later…

20160611_100647_66 Ave

Charlotte’s compromise – the final group shot

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