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48 Ways to Build Love in your Marriage

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While Larra and I were at Hiawatha’s Wellness Center, I was the only man there. I was working and eating with four or five women, all week long.

As a survival mechanism I mowed the grass. That took two days, and then I spent another two days with the weed eater, making the place immaculate.

I was stiff, sore, and bone-weary tired, but that was better than being in the house all day. LOL

When they learned from Larra about my “Steps to Becoming a Perfect Husband” they gave me a two-page list of 48 items that they insisted I have to add to my steps. Yeah, everybody’s a critic.

In compromise, and because I know they’ll be checking up on me, here is the list I was given. It’s tool long to type, so you can click on the images for the high res version, or download the PDF version here: 48 Ways to Build Love in Your Marriage.


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