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10 Tips for Choosing a Motel Room

Roadside motel neon sign in Oregon

Roadside motel neon sign in Oregon

In the past two months we’ve stayed in a lot of hotel rooms. Here’s a few things we learned.

  1. Drive around the motel parking lot to see if there are people hanging around.
  2. If the motel clerk is locked behind bullet proof plexiglass you might want to continue on.
  3. Ask to see the room (apparently they let you see a nicer room when you want to see it first). Usually we’re offered the handicapped room. LOL
  4. I always check the bathroom. If it isn’t clean we leave.
  5. Ask and check the internet with each persons device.
  6. We always ask for a room on the ground floor because I don’t pack light. LOL – Of course Jim tells everyone that I don’t carry luggage. However you have to be specific because the ground floor is sometimes up one flight of stairs.
  7. Indoor pool does not mean heated pool.
  8. Collect the soaps and shampoos from the hotels so you can donate them to the homeless shelters.
  9. When booking a room in Canada on the price is quoted in US dollars so it’s not the great deal you might think it is.
  10. Try to stop and get a room before it gets late.

We stayed in a place that we huddled in bed together, our luggage stacked against the door as a barricade. Jim said we should sleep in shifts and he would sleep the first shift while I stayed awake on guard. I asked what time should I wake you up so I can sleep and Jim said “at daybreak.”

I asked, “well when do I get to sleep” and Jim said “you can sleep in the car once we get on the road.”

When we left that morning Jim noticed a hub cap missing on the car. We counted ourselves lucky that’s all that happened as there was someone sitting outside our door smoking and some guy banging on the door above us.


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  1. I think it’s a great idea to ask to see the room beforehand. We have been to some pretty interesting motels, and will usually look before renting. It just seems like a smart move to find out if it is clean.

  2. I appreciate your suggestion to see the room before booking at a motel. My husband and I are going on a road trip in a few weeks. When we choose places to stay, we’ll definitely make sure to look at the room first.

  3. Thank you for all this fantastic information about choosing a motel! One thing that I really like is that you say to find out if their indoor pools are heated. It would be kind of fun to have the kids go out and swim, even if it’s a little chilly outside.

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