with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Yahweh Wellness Center

July 25 to August 1, 2016 – Larra wants to do a raw food cleanse, so to get back on the healthy eating path, we stopped in to see Jim’s old friend from Creative Health Institute, Hiawatha Cromer. Hiawatha was director at CHI before Jim took over, from the 90’s to ’02.

Hiawatha taught Larra lots of great recipes and raw food prep techniques, but more important, she re-inspired us to get off the standard American diet (the SAD) and to eat healthier.

One green smoothie a day will change your life, as Victoria Boutenko teaches.

20160725_165313_Columbia HighwayHiawatha’s house. They put us up in our own house, “The White House.” It was comfortable, clean and very quiet. It was great being back in the country again.

20160725_125644_Columbia HighwayThe Center is located on 80 acres in the country. It took Jim three days to mow the seven acres of lawn and do the weed eating. The ditches in particular almost did him in.

Jim: I’m looking forward to getting back to the farm; the work on this “retreat” is too much for me. LOL

20160724_192826The highway signs as we were coming into Lansing, MI.


20160724_192643How Larra felt when we left. The raw food diet, even though it was only for a few days, did wonders for her.


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  1. Sandy Rich says:

    I’m going through a 4 year health crisis and fed up with my doctors and should learn more about this.. I do not put it on FB as I don’t really want to share it publicly. One day I may IM one of you to ask you more about this… Very Interesting…

    • Jim Carey says:

      I was Director of Creative Health Institute in Michigan for 8 years, proponents of a raw foods/raw vegan diet. I’ve seen a thousand “miracles” during that time. It’s how Larra found me – through my videos, books and TV show. IM us any time; we’d love to help.

    • Larra Jones says:

      Would love to chat with you about a healthy diet Sandy. I lived a life of illness until I found that what I eat makes all the difference in how I feel. I have spent so much money on supplements etc. It all comes back to eating real food.

  2. Great story! Stay on the Healthy Lifestyle Path forever. Make a commitment to permanently give up processed Sugar, white flour, wheat, artificial sweeteners, processed oils and soft drinks. Take digestive enzymes when you eat cooked food or drink a guart of rejucelac daily which will satisfy the body’s need for enzymes and probiotics

  3. Dr. Flora Mason Van Orden says:

    Love you all. Hug everybody for me. See you soon, Jim and Larra.

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