with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Langley, BC Auto Show, Part 1

Saturday, September 10, 2016 – Larra surprised me this morning when she asked if I wanted to go to the car show in Langley, one of the largest in North America. I’d read about it in the news, but hadn’t bother asking her because I assumed she wouldn’t be interested. We had a great time.

These photos are just a few of the 1500 cars on display; I think we saw about half the show.

20160910_132323 20160910_132536 20160910_132634 20160910_132733 20160910_132819 20160910_132901 20160910_132933

Talk about easy to work on the engine! LOL20160910_132941 20160910_132952 20160910_133028 20160910_133123 20160910_133137 20160910_133320 20160910_133330 20160910_133449 20160910_133530 20160910_133606

Check out the roof of the car.20160910_133615 20160910_133657

A very early Porsche20160910_133720 20160910_133820 20160910_133908 20160910_133942 20160910_134204 20160910_134348 20160910_134928 20160910_135051 20160910_135147 20160910_135201 20160910_135321

The Langley Auto Show, Part 2


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