with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Point Pelee, Ontario

IMG_9361July 18, 2016 – Larra: The southernmost point in Canada, Point Pelee is a peninsula extending into Lake Erie, caused by the currents in the lake. As a kid, Jim and his family would come here on weekends when visiting his family in Leamington.

We parked in the last lot and walked down to the point. On our walk we passed a sign that marked the 42nd parallel, the northern border of California.

So not only did Jim take me “down south” from Michigan to Canada, he took me as far south as Northern California!

IMG_9679The drive down to the point.




20160718_164349The birds that guard the above signs.






20160718_165816The southernmost point in Canada, eh?


IMG_9663Jim and Larra at Point Pelee.


20160718_171440_HDRWe don’t know why the plaque is here. What can be seen in the distance is Pelee Island; Middle Island isn’t visible.


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