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My Detroit Experience

FullSizeRenderJuly 15, 2016 – Well, Detroit was another highlight of our trip for me.

I had never been downtown Detroit before. So to start at the beginning Jim and I drove to his sister Cheryl’s and her partner Tim’s after spending a night in Charlotte, Michigan.

As we drove up to Cheryl and Tim’s condo they were sitting outside on their balcony watching for us as we had told them what time we hoped to arrive.

Jim introduced me to Cheryl as she came out to greet us and she gave me a big hug. She introduced me to Tim and I felt right at home.

We stayed with them in their condo with a pool. I keep telling Jim, “We need a pool.”

We went out for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon around the pool. Friends of Tim and Cheryl’s showed up at the pool and we had a great afternoon.

20160715_171440_West Jefferson AvenueThe next day Cheryl suggested that we drive into Detroit and tour around on the People Mover, and then go to the live music festival on the Detroit River. Before going right downtown Detroit we toured the neighbourhood that Jim’s dad grew up in, Corktown. It was fun to see the old brick homes, the huge church.

Tim pulled over for Jim and I to get out and take some pictures. Jim disappeared for quite some time to take his pictures. I was more interested in taking pictures of the Ambassador bridge that took you through Customs into Canada. LOL

For my friends that are not aware, from Detroit there is a bridge to Canada and a tunnel to Canada. I don’t think I would want to take the tunnel. As a frequent traveler across the border from Vancouver to Bellingham this was amazing how you could sit in line on a bridge and God forbid a tunnel.

We eventually took the bridge across but that was a few days later. While we were in Corktown Jim took some amazing pictures of the area his dad grew up in. We also did some pub hopping in the area.

Then Tim drove us right downtown Detroit. How cool was that. I had never been in Detroit City before. It was very exciting. And here I was with people who grew up knowing Detroit. Not a tourist.

20160715_165034_East Jefferson AvenueWe parked the car and walked to the People Mover. On the People Mover Jim and I were enamoured by all the sights. We kept taking pictures click click click until I ran my battery down and shortly after Jim ran his down. So now we couldn’t take any more pictures. Maybe that was a good thing as we ended up with a lot of pictures.

Lesson learned – make sure you have 100% battery when you start off. Actually we have since bought portable chargers.

When we got off the People Mover we walked through an amazing Casino, many buildings and stopped in at a pub.

The Coffee Incident

I ordered a coffee and the waitress said we don’t have coffee. Of course we all looked at her like What? The young waitress said ‘no one made it this morning’.  Well thank God no one made it this morning cause I don’t really like day old coffee.

20160715_172139_Cass AvenueWe asked if some one could make it. She went away and came back saying someone would make coffee. LOL

After leaving the pub we walked through town. I saw the entrance to the tunnel you take to drive to Canada. We walked through many buildings on many streets. The city was alive.

We met up with Cheryl and Tim’s friends at the Detroit River where they had live music with vendors selling drinks and food on the waterfront. We could see across the river to downtown Windsor, Ontario.

When it got late we started our walk back to the vehicle. We walked through this huge building owned by GMC [The Renaissance Center] with new cars on display, then ventured into the parking lot and we were all driven home safely by Tim.

Thank you Cheryl and Tim for letting us stay at your place and your hospitality and showing us the town. It was exciting for me to see downtown Detroit. I enjoyed meeting you both.

Next time we’re going to tour Florida together with you guys??

Much Love to you both.

20160715_184847_Woodward Avenue_HDR

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