with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Larra’s Trip to Maui

FullSizeRenderNov 2 to 12, 2015

Larra: I started looking up direct flights from Vancouver to Maui. Jim had said I could stay in his surf shack but I felt I needed to have my own place for various reasons. What if I didn’t even like him? What if he didn’t like me?

In the past meeting guys on line had been a disaster. Loud, obnoxious, pushy, controlling. One guy I met on line wore his sunglasses the whole time we had coffee. How can you get to know a person when they are wearing sunglasses.

I need to see their eyes. Eyes are the window to the Soul! Of the hundreds of guys I met online over twenty years, I only dated two of them. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

20150530_125523_W Waipuilani Rd_HDR

The Maui Sunset Resort at Waipuilani Beach, Kihei

I asked Jim where would be a good place to stay. He suggested the Maui Sunset. It was right across the street from his place. So for the next couple of weeks Jim and I emailed each other describing our lives to each other. Long intimate emails. I kept checking for air flights and a place to stay but I was so anxiety ridden I couldn’t book anything.

Then one night there was a deal I couldn’t resist. I booked it. Yikes! Now I have to go through with this. I started to get panicky. Hell I hated meeting guys for coffee – now I’m going to fly 2600 miles, stay in a condo alone, to meet this guy I know nothing about. I called my shrink and set up an appointment to see him.

I told him my intention and he walked me through it. Amazingly, I calmed down and knew I could get on that plane. This was going to be fun! After all, I loved the sun and the beach and if Jim and I don’t hit it off I can spend ten glorious days on the beach, catch up on my reading and meditation and just vegge.

Photo17Packing is my least favourite thing to do, but this time I was packed and ready to go days ahead of time. A few days before I was about to leave I told my daughter I could feel Jim’s energy all the way from Maui. My daughter said when the Universe conspires for two people to meet everything is possible.

I have never experienced that in my life before.

My girlfriend drove me to the airport. I went through Customs and sat in the waiting area waiting for my plane to board. I was calm and collected. Excited about my new adventure. The flight is approximately five hours. I had lots to do – solitaire, watch a movie, listen to my music. It went quickly and now it was time to meet the man I had been following for ten years.

Photo14_croppedI could feel the warm moist air as I walked through the airport. It felt amazing. Jim had told me he would be waiting for me at the bottom of the escalator. I got off the plane and as I walked towards the escalator I held back so there would be people in front of me as I rode down. I looked around as I rode down the escalator.

No one was around.

Stay calm Larraine. I had the number of a cab in my wallet, just in case he didn’t show up. I walked over to the area to claim my luggage. I kept looking around but no Jim. I gathered my luggage and walked back to the escalator. I stopped in the corridor and then through the shrubs I saw this guy walking my way. White hair. That must be him.

OnTheBeachNo, that’s a black guy. Then he came around the shrubs and sure enough it was Jim, with his Maui tan.

We hugged and Jim gave me the lei he had stopped to buy on the way to the airport, which had made him late. He was such a gentleman. He took my luggage and we walked to his car. On the drive to the condo he talked non-stop. He helped me get the night key and get into my condo. Here I was 2600 miles from home in a condo at midnight with a guy I just met. Amazingly, I felt so comfortable with him. It was like we had known each other all our lives. He didn’t stay but asked if he could call me at 5:00 am and take me out for breakfast. Uh okay 5:00am it is. I’m a night owl not a morning person. Lol

I unpacked, got ready for bed and I lay there feeling aroused by this man I had just met. How was I going to get through ten days without ravishing his body? What was it about this man that was so irresistible?

Jim: I wasn’t late. Larra’s plane was 45 minutes early. Tailwind. But now I have an app for my phone that allows me to track that. LOL

She thought I was Hawaiian? Cool.


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