with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The night before we left Vancouver Larra’s hair turned a deep purple color. She says it happened all by itself, but I’m suspicious of the two hours she spent in the bathroom that night. You only see it in direct sunlight, but it’s definitely purple. So when I saw these two young ladies coming out of the Chinook Mall in Calgary, I had to get a picture of them with Larra.

Here in Calgary Larra and I have  learned that the Calgary stampede isn’t just one weekend a year, like we thought, but it’s every working day, as you can see for yourself in this photo.

20160621_073937_24 St NWPart of enjoying your travels is not pushing too hard. So we’re taking a couple of days off, and visiting with Larra’s nephew and his family. We’re across the street from the Calgary football stadium, one of the sites of the 2000 Winter Olympics.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Nice to stop, relax and rest up when on Vacation 🙂 Sounds crazy but it is the truth! Your both on a wonderful Journey for the summer <3 Even with the "Stampede" in full swing 🙂 Safe Slow Travels !!

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