with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Back at Creative Health Institute

20160712_064709_W Union City Rd_HDRJuly 11 – 13, 2016 – We got to CHI at noon today. We made the drive in two days.

We should have taken three.

Larra and I met with Brian McCrudden, the new owner, Monday afternoon, several times on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday.

We talked about how CHI had to be run successfully, what I and my staff did to make it successful, my experiences with social media marketing in the five years since I left CHI, and the sales and performance figures that I generated during that time.

I thought Brian, Larra and I were all getting along famously. Larra thought so, too.

We really enjoyed the raw food meals that Pat, the kitchen director, prepared for us. Great dressings.

On Wednesday afternoon Brian asked us to leave because he was going to be gone for the next two weeks, and hadn’t made a final decision as to who his Director was going to be.

Larra and I were more than a bit surprised. We’d been given the impression that we were being asked to come and run the place, to get CHI reopened and back on its feet. To that end I’d reassembled key members of my old staff, including Steven Gibb and Juan Kirk, and brought all of my computers, books, etc., with me on the trip.

20160712_065208_West Union City Road_HDRMy opinion is that Brian wants to take the place in a new direction, while I was focused on running our old, successful program, and was open to changes if their value could be proven.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’m not sure if i really want to do another five-plus years of volunteer work, and develop another raw vegan Home Study Program. In some ways I feel I’ve paid my dues. Besides, I’ve been offered a book deal, and CHI would distract me from that project.

We left it amicable with Brian, and if he wants our help, he’ll call.

So… Now we’re off to see my family and friends in Michigan. We came packed to spend a month, so we might as well do so.

It was great to be back. It was like coming home again. Other than the new siding, not much had changed over the years.

I gotta get back to work on that book, too.

20160712_064957_W Union City Rd_HDRI used to enjoy wading in the creek out back of CHI. However, things have changed. This is what happened on my first step into the water. It’s gotten mucky since I left five years ago. REAL mucky. LOL
IMG_921220160712_064534_W Union City Rd_HDR 20160712_065349_West Union City Road_HDR  20160712_054318_West Union City Road Sunrise
20160712_054135_West Union City Road

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  1. Bartholomew says:

    Great asset and value CHI lying dormant

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